What packages and prices do you offer?


I stopped the package system several years ago as people's requirements vary so I was always adjusting them to suit. Instead I now have a flexible system where we have a 'Start up' deal and then you can 'add on' any extras like the Brides Preps, Evening Party etc to your wedding day. This way you only pay for what you want.


How soon should I book a wedding photographer?


I get this question all the time, as soon as you book your venue book your wedding photographer to cover your wedding asap. Remember I can only photograph 1 wedding per day so once I'm booked I then turn away any other enquires. You won't believe how many people wait until last minute and then struggle to find someone who they like. 


Why should I have a professional wedding photographer when my friend has a camera?


Don't forget you only get 1 chance to capture your wedding day and it's not as straight forward as just clicking a button. There are so my factors which come together to create a professional wedding photo. Exposure, correct aperture, timing, lighting, editing skills, having good people skills and the list goes on.. 


How soon can I see my wedding photos?


Because this is my full time job you will have a few 'teaser' pic loaded onto my Facebook and blog within a few days and your viewing at my studio in Bristol takes place as soon as your back from your honeymoon. 


How long have you been a wedding photographer?


From my college days I've always had an interest in photography but it's been 11 years now I've been in the wedding photography industry in and around the Bristol area. I'm also part of the MPA (Master Photography Association) where I've won various awards for both portraits and Weddings. Your are in safe hands! 


What happens if your ill and you can't make our Wedding on the day?


Good question, being part of the MPA I have made great contacts with other photographers in the bristol area so I have several contacts who can steep in if required. Touch wood I've never missed a wedding so far!


Are there any discounts for mid week weddings?


Fridays are equally as busy as Saturdays but I do offer 10% discount for weddings on a Monday - Thursday.


How do we book you as our wedding photographer?


Best to email me first to see if your wedding date is free, if I'm available then we can arrange a initial meeting at my Bristol studio so we can run through your day in more detail which then enables myself to give your a quote for my services. There is no hard sale, just a relaxed chat to meet in person which I feel is equally important as well as you liking my wedding photos.